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Peter Boltersdorf

Mental and Motivational Coach di Jurgen Klopp, allenatore del Liverpool Football Club, Campione d'Europa 2019 & CEO / LUXXprofile United GmbH

Peter Boltersdorf is one of the leading experts in Personality Diagnostics, Motivation Counseling , Leadership and Team Development in sports and management. His work is based on the LUXXprofile (Reiss Profile before). In the last 18 years his has worked with more than 8.500 people from diffenrent conutries and cultures. Part of this were more than 1.200 people from professional soccer and professional sports. In his work in professional soccer and professional sports the focus is on counseling the headcoach and his staff. The players and athletes are analyzed with the LUXXprofile to get to know their personality and motivation structure. In addition to this he does teamdevelopment with the soccer team and the team of the coaches and staff. A special expertise of Peter Boltersdorf is the motivation of ahtletes who have a huge talent in combination with a vulnerable personality. He developed a special communication for coaches to work with those athletes in training and especially in competition. In business and management the focus is on leadership, team development and recruiting.

Decision Making: Top Management

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