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Emiliano Calderini

Head of Style / Poltrona Frau spa; Head of Style / Cassina spa

Emiliano Calderini graduated in architecture from the IUAV, Venice, in 2003. He started his career as the PA of Patrizia Moroso, art-director and owner of the brand and soon became responsible for the creative and style department. In ten years of collaboration with Moroso he designed concepts, installations and stores all over the word. In 2013 he started working with Cassina as Head of Style. This department follows different image activities including stand and special project design, concept creation and visual displays, photo-shoots and video production, the production of catalogues and marketing literature, ADV campaigns, as well as the collaboration with the R&D department, designers and foundations for the creation of new products.

Decision Making: Design Management

Settore: Arredamento


Forum Del Design 2015

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