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Paolo Barichella

Founder and Owner, Food Design Advisory & Management / Paolo Barichella Food Design Studio

Paolo Barichella is an Executive Food Design Advisor. Theorist and specialist consultant in Food Design since 2002, he is operative director in Strategic Design Management, Sensory Design, Concept Creation of Lifestyles and Experience. He has developed high-profitability plans for Industries, Food Format, Products and Store. Paolo was born in Milan (Italy) in 1969. Following his Industrial Design studies, he pursued a career in communication strategy particularly related to the theory and philosophy of Food Design, web development, as journalist and writer, as lecturer and didactic consultant. During his career, Paolo Barichella has developed and consolidated significant experience in the food technology chain and its processes, in combination with design, sensory and engineering. Through in-depth studying and research in the field of Food Design, today Paolo Barichella is one of the most renowned international opinion-leaders in this area, often invited to participate and contribute at events and projects on food design.

Decision Making: Top Management

Settore: Arredamento

Competenze: Design


Forum Del Design 2014

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