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Giuseppe D'Antonio

Ceo / Circleme

Giuseppe D'Antonio - Chief Executive Officer, CASCAAD; Board Member for BEINTOO -Currently Giuseppe manages the company CASCAAD, which has launched on the market a new online service called CircleMe. CircleMe is a next-generation social network, where people "connect" to their passions in life, in order to live them better in real life. Prior to Cascaad, Giuseppe was Director of, the Online Advertising Division for DADA Spa (web company trading on the Italian Stock Exchange) and was previously a Partnership Manager (Europe) for GOOGLE. With a degree in Industrial Engineering from PURDUE University (USA) and an MBA from INSEAD (France), Giuseppe's career growth is defined by twelve years of operations and business development in the software and technology industries, working for successful startups during their fast-growth phases. With a sincere interest in academia and education, Giuseppe collaborates with some local universities and gives lectures on innovation, entrepreneurship and communication. Giuseppe is an amatorial theatre actor and enjoys sailing, dancing and playing the piano. Thanks to his career opportunities, he has lived for 13 years abroad, living in USA, France, Switzerland, UK and Singapore.

Decision Making: Top Management

Settore: Internet e Portali


Forum Della Comunicazione Digitale 2012

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