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Pier Ludovico Bancale

Founder & CEO / BootB spa

Pier Ludovico Bancale is the Founder and CEO of BootB, the Creative Engine operating 100% online with the mission "if something exists search. If not... Create!". Born in 1967, Pier is a marketing man with 20 years of experience - working for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive, L'Oreal - who jumped out of the offline world to go online. Pier designed BootB, the world's best creative department. BootB works as an online marketplace connecting Brands (buyers of creativity) and Creators (sellers of creativity) with the strong belief that creativity has no boundaries, it exists everywhere and BootB will unleash its power. Currently, after 2 years since the start of its beta testing, BootB has successfully managed online pitches for top Brands including Alpenliebe, Auchan, BVLGARI, Clearasil, Disney, EMI music, Ferrero, Lego, Lindt, Medusa, Mondadori, Peugeot, Unicef, Unilever, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Playtex, Ray-Ban, UNICEF, IP, MSC Cruisers, Universal Pictures and many others.

Decision Making: Top Management

Settore: Internet e Portali


Forum Della Comunicazione Digitale 2011

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