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Andrea Febbraio

Co-Founder, Ceo Italia / Ebuzzing Social ; Boardmember - CEO PromoDigital-Wikio Group / Wommi

Andrea Febbraio: Serial internet entrepreneur whose business has grown from $0 to $100m revenue in less than four years to float on Nasdaq pending. Author of various leading digital social media books, MBA lecturer and international conference speaker. An expert on digital marketing, viral campaigns, startups, future internet tends and entrepreneurship. Andrea Febbraio in an Italian entrepreneur, writer, professor, and investor. He is the founder of PromoDigital, a company he later sold for four times its revenues after two years of operation. Febbraio also co-founded Ebuzzing a video adtech company he led from startup to $100 million in revenue after four years of operation. "The odds of starting a company that achieves $100 million or more within six years are 3.5 in 10,000. We did it in 4 years !" - Andrea Febbraio. Febbraio began his career working at internet platform and digital media agencies during the dot-com boom in the 1990s. He is an economics graduate and became a business school lecturer in 2010. He is the former CEO of PromoDigital, an online advertising company he founded in 2008. The company was the first buzz marketing platform in Italy and was sold two years later to the Wikio Group, Europe's top blog ranking service. He then co-founded Ebuzzing a video adtech company launched in 2010. The company creates video advertising for companies and is credited as the creator of "outstream video." The company generated revenues of $67.5 million in 2013, operating world-wide creating campaigns for major brands that include Heineken, Acer, LG, and Evian. Febbraio remained with the company as VP Sales through 2014 when the company's revenue topped $100 million for that year. They had successfully scaled Ebuzzing business across 25 offices in 18 countries, employing a team of 400 people worldwide. Lecturing & Speaking: Andrea expanded his career to encompass that of a educator in 2010. He is a senior lecturer at SDA Bocconi School of Management and LUISS Business School where he teaches M.B.A. students. He is also a professional speaker, previously speaking at events such as the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Social Media Week, I Strategy and IAB Forum. His investing career is that of an angel investor as well as a partner in the venture capital firm Adriadne Capital. As a writer, Febbraio has published two books. The first is Buzz Marketing Nei Social Media, a business book about buzz marketing in social media. In 2014, he co-authored 'Viral Video: Content is King, Distribution is Queen' along with Dario Caiazzo and Umberto Lisiero. Keynote Topics: Entrepreneurship, Future trends in digital, Digital marketing, Creativity, Virality, Video advertising, Adtech, Startups. Andrea presents in Italian and English.

Decision Making: Top Management

Settore: Ordini e Associazioni, Web Agency




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