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Francesco Zappalà

Chief Financial Officer - Chile / Impresa Pizzarotti & C. spa

Graduated in Corporate Finance with honors from Luiss in 2011, Francesco is currently serving as Chief Financial Officer of Impresa Pizzarotti & C. Spa for the Chile area. Leader of the finance team and the business finance strategy in the region, he sits in the LatAm Board of Directors. With a past in BNP Paribas' Corporate Investment Banking group and in KPMG's audit-financial advisory team, Francesco joined an international career by traveling to various countries including Italy, Spain, Turkey, Chile, Australia and covering several leading finance roles in challenging and complex multinational organizations. Born in 1989, Francesco earned with high honors an executive education certificate in Business Management & Corporate Finance from Harvard Business School, Boston. He's currently serving as Mentor for nonprofit associations and collaborates with Luiss Business School as Alumni Ambassador.

Decision Making: Finance, Administration and Control

Settore: Immobiliare ed Ingegneria Civile



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