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Matteo Greco

Product Marketing Director / Kyriba

I am a creative and inventive thinker, who craves challenge and who is not afraid to work outside his comfort zone. I am a highly motivated team player who consistently aims to exceed goals. I possess an analytical and processes oriented mindset and very good communication skills. Born and raised in Italy, I studied both in Italy and in Denmark and have lived and worked in UK, Denmark, France and Singapore. Throughout the years I have built my professional track record across different cultures in the software industry and always demonstrating a strong dedication for innovation and continuous learning.

Decision Making: Marketing Management

Settore: Consulenza




Digital Talk in collaborazione con Kyriba | PAGAMENTI AZIENDALI: QUALI SONO LE SFIDE PIÙ IMPORTANTI E I NUOVI TREND PER IL 2022 | Financial Forum 2022

TAG: Digital Finance Payment

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