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Alessandro Braga

CDO / Talent Garden TAG

Naturally innovative, ideas and dreams follower, more comfortable at the strategic level than the mere doing level, allergic to unnecessary details, instinctive and always emotionally engaged in my activities. Technology passionate eager to inspire and engage in transformational projects people around me through my experience in digital transformation and in project/service design. Business Model and Value Proposition obsessed, interested to share strategies and best practices to digitalise industries and reach tangible business outcomes. Social Collaboration and Teamwork practitioner with aptitude to find the right person at the right time, able to use these skills on a day by day basis to drive get the job done smarter and faster than ever. Proven track of record with enterprise Customers working with C-Level in many relevant Italian companies, designing and implementing effective digital and technology strategies. Cooking lover with passion for ethnical ingredients mix, cause just picking the best from each culture you can eventually achieve the expected result.

Decision Making: IT Management

Settore: Immobiliare ed Ingegneria Civile


Digital Talk


Digital Talk | HYBRID WORK 2022 - Sfide, opportunità e soluzioni | FAR Networks | Logitech | Microsoft

TAG: HR Wellbeing Work Reloaded

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